Joomla User Group Bhopal

Organisers : Aditya Shah & Rishabh Chandrayan


City / Town: Bhopal

Post/ZipCode: 462011

Meetings held: Monthly

Meeting Language: Hindi

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Just as Joomla! means ‘All Together’, the Joomla Users Group Bhopal brings expertized skillset of one of the most revolutionary CMS showcasing easy platform to unite every individual together forming a community of an informative Joomla generation. To elevate the individuals' knowledge about the world of Joomla and its growing scenario, our group give you a chance to behold this opportunity by the best means of communication possible. We represent the Joomla Users Group in Bhopal not only for Joomla users but also for the ones who wish to know and use Joomla. Exploration has always been a good practice since ages. Our ancestors explored about new ways to adapt in life, science explore about universe and we, the Bhopal Joomla Users Group explore more and more about Joomla to provide our community a bridge of sharing new intuitive web applications so as to make your website life more easily accessible and user friendly. The well dispersed options available in Joomla give you a comfortable experience as a Joomla user and most importantly we as a Joomla group will make sure your nerves are filled with the awareness of all the available For all the new Joomlers, we organize special meetups to fill their basket of knowledge with skilled information. The meetups are a great source of interacting with new people and establish connections with the people who find their life in the most powerful and an open source content management system. For more details about the meetups, you can contact via the provided details.


We believe it is always the simplicity that turns marvellous. A simple knowledge combined with a sense of sharing can create Joomla realization among the society. So, come be a part of our simple but yet modernized Joomla community and add a label of “Joomler” to your web collar.

Located in: India