How does Captain Joomla save the puppies? A fable:


A long, long time ago, the kind and gracious king Mambo ruled over the magical forest Sevenwoods, in the Seven Valleys. All the inhabitants lived in piece - they didn’t have any worries or cares.


But the king was old, sick and tired. He died. His very young son Joomla! couldn’t take over the throne of the Seven Valleys – he was too young to prove his worth. Those loyal to his father took the young prince into their care and brought him to the Seven Mountains. There, they taught him life skills, philosophy and they also taught him how to handle different weapons. All so that he would, one day, be strong enough to rule the country like his father did.


For as far as the people of the Seven Valleys could remember, the evil Bold Toad threatened the kingdom. He ruled the swamps, where he commanded his army of maniacs. The Bold Toads had seven venoms which he wanted to use to take over the kingdom and to terrorise its people.


Meanwhile, Joomla! had become a noble young man – trained to wield his weapon and ready to make his way back to the kingdom with the help of the seven CM dwarfs Drupal, Contao, Wordpress, TYPO3, Plone, Magento and Contenido. But how is Captain Joomla! supposed to defend himself against the seven venoms of the evil Bold Toad?


Interlude: The beautiful and intelligent dog Fee had a vision – The Gods told her that she would have seven noble pups; their hair and saliva would be antidotes to the venom of the Bold Toad. In great pain she gives life to seven pups – all the planets leave their alignment and on all of God’s ways in Sevenwoods wondrous portents are to be seen.


But also the evil Bold Toad heard about the birth of the pups. He set out to kill the sweet little septuplets with his venoms.

The Gods were enraged:

Joomla! Come! From far or from near! A potent CMS is needed here!


But Joomla! and the dwarfs were already there! “The pups we will safe, do not despair!” The end of the battle was a close call, but there was mother Fee gave it her all. The puppies’ saliva and their fur, which was brown - she wanted to use it to bring the Toad down!

Joomla! wins, despite the tough test. That’s why you use Joomla! and none of the rest.

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