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Area of Operations
Country - Security, Upgrades & Support started in 2013 as a website security service located in Aachen, near Cologne. We are fixing hacked or broken websites on a regular basis. Once connected we can help you to get the most out of your Joomla!

Charles Brockman

Website Construction and Maintenance

Aprender a programar

We are a small development team (programmers, designers, etc..) and we offer to do work of various kinds. We have extensive experience with Joomla, php and mysql among other technologies. We work for different regions or countries using spanish or english for communicaions. Contact details and further references are available on our web; you can see our forums too. For more details we would need a extended specification of the work. We┬┤re based in Seville (Spain). We offer seriousness works.

Die CMS Manufaktur

Migration and support for existing projects based on Joomla. Maintenance and update service, help with technical problems and individual extensions for your projects. Security audits, backup strategies and cleaning up malicious code.


Joomla Development since 2009

Languages Spoken English, German

Bhavya Soft

We are Joomla experts having experience on Joomla since Mambo times :)

Snapdragon Services, Inc.

Jenn Gress offers effective websites that empower you to work your own content, personalized training, and migration services.