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Zevicente Systems Analysis and Development

Experienced professional in Joomla! since 2010 where I have developed more than 150 extensions mainly: Components, Plugin and Modules. I serve the government of Brazil, universities and clients from different parts of the world and segments.

Languages Spoken English, Portuguese


Nervenretter - 5 star ***** business support with guaranteed success

Languages Spoken English, German


Watchful provides security hardening, backup, and update services for Joomla websites.


Providing Joomla security related services, as Joomla site dehacking, Joomla security updates, security audit. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, you can ask for consulting, Joomla development services (including custom component development), Joomla-friendly hosting - almost the full scale of your Joomla related needs can be covered in a single place.

Xecurify Inc (miniOrange)

The Xecurify's an expertise in Identity and Access Management (IAM), Single Sign-On, Multi-factor Authentication, Network Security, API Security, Cyber Forensics. The central focus of our products and company revolve around these themes. Our solutions are specific, accurate and, most importantly, great at doing what they’re supposed to: Making you more secure!

Languages Spoken English