Sigsiu.NET GmbH is the company behind the Sobi components for Joomla.

SobiPro, our current product, is the pioneer of the multi-directory and category fields features for Joomla. Designed as a directory, SobiPro can be used as for more than this thanks to its CCK functionality.

To make the best of your SobiPro powered site, we offer subscription based support, additional applications to enhance the functionality of SobiPro, templates specifically made for the SobiPro component area, and a profound documentation.

Last but not least, we offer individual support for our SobiPro component, which includes SobiPro template design and functionality, to let your site look like you want to have it.

Note: All items from the area of operations are related to SobiPro component.

Area of Operations

Configuration Support, Design & Development, Extension Development, Migrations & Upgrades, Programming, Training & Education, Technical Support, Template development