Everything you want to know about websites ... but are afraid to ask! Are you lost in Cyber Space? Need a hand with a website? Whether you have questions about ... creating a website, arranging hosting of a website or any aspects of your personal or professional website, ... then please give us a call! Our philosophy is there are no stupid questions - except the ones you don't ask. We specialise in stress-free one-on-one dialogue via email, skype, IM, telephone or in person (depending on your location). Though, we are local to Ballarat we are happy to work with you in more remote locations. How can we help you? we can help you create a website. we can create a website for you to your specifications. we can provide tips and suggestions for website design, layout, text or pictures. we can help you extend the use and functionality of your existing website with customised modules. we can advise you about the features of several service providers to help you find the most cost-effective one for your needs. Our aim is to help you work towards a website that has the look and feel you want. We favour Open Source software and organisations that support "charitable" groups.  With this in mind, we are fans of Joomla! and host with several service providers, locally and internationally.

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