Keeping up the promise to keep you all updated with my work, I am here again to share my thoughts with you.
Last 2 days have been pretty good, I got to learn loads. It was like a hurdle race, you cross one 
and you get another one. Nevertheless, important is that I'm enjoying it and thats all matters. :)
So, i spent last two days inplementing the category and section functionalities. As per the idea, I had proposed
automatic creation of a category when a group is created and also, every group is placed within a section.
Implementing sections was a little difficult, category on the other hand did not take much time.
Apart from this I could also manage to improve on the frontend part of the project with extra parameters added 
and in proper format :)  

As per my time line, I am still left with the restricted view for users, which I'll be taking up for the next two days.
I would probably need another day for debugging and other enhancements. :)