Joomla GSOC 2009 Student Sunithi Agarwal I am 20 years old, doing my bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering at The National Institute of Engineering.  My home town is Mysore(India).  I am a great nature and animal lover, as well as a trained classical dancer.  Dancing has been my all time favourite hobbies.  I've been interested in web designing for the past 2 to 3 years.  I am a fun-loving girl and truly believe that hard-work is the solution to every problem.  Programming is my passion now, I started it off emphatically for the sole reason that I am pursuing bachelors in  computer science, but now I enjoy coding the most and GSOC was the perfect platform to exhibit my talent.

I am really excited about doing this project and sincerely thank Joomla! for giving me this opportunity.

My project is Group Co-ordination.  Allowing communities to organize naturally is an important part of a healthy community and hence I plan to introduce a group coordinating component which will enable users to create and manage their own groups and where each group can have subscribers wherein they can communicate and collaborate.  It will make Joomla! more effective yet simple and easy to use for group and community based sites.


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