This project is concerned with the development of a Desktop Appication that can be used to manage the contents of a website, in place of a web browser. This will be a cross platform application which can be easily installed and used like any other app.


Adobe AIR 1.5, Adobe Flex 3.0, ActionScript 3.0(Scripting Language).


This application can be designed using two approaches dscribed as follows :

a. Web Browser Like Communication Interface:

This is approach I personally like. Here the application interacts with the Joomla! installation just like a regular web browser. However here the application is totally focussed only the sites made using J!. This app will support features like multiple tabbing(facilitating editing of multiple sites using the same app), separate authors space for taking notes and many other nifty features that are not provided by regular browser and as suggested by the community. The application will be designed in such a way that it's probability of crashing is minimum and also has content backup facility.

b. Native Interface based on XML-RPC :

This approach differs from the first one in a way that it interacts with J! installation through XML-RPC. I'll be updating this section very soon.

Considering both the approaches and the time alloted to this project I find it feasible to develop two apps using both the approaches, so that their advantages over each other can be compared and the best one can be finally used. I'll be referring to apps built using both approaches as JDAP1 and JDAP2 respectively.