Joomla GSOC 2009 Student Piotr SzotkowskiI am a PhD student at Warsaw University of Technology in Poland, where I write a thesis on symbolic functional decomposition method for finite state machine implementation in FPGA devices. I also work on CiviCRM as an internationalization expert and I am one of the core members of the project.

I was a Google Summer of Code 2008 student, where I developed the initial multilingual features for CiviCRM;  these features are included in the main CiviCRM codebase since CiviCRM 2.1 and are already used by multiple organizations around the world.

My GSoC 2009 project consists of extension and new features for multi-language support for CiviCRM, which was originally developed during GSoC 2008.  This will enable non-profits and NGOs working in multilingual countries (like Canada or India) and cross-border areas to use multiple languages (and alphabets) at the same time. This project extends the multilingual features as well as introduces new solutions helping translators to better and easier localize, as well as collaborate with others.


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