Piotr Szotkowski


May 23-31: Reverting to a single language

June 1-7: Multilanguage integration with Joomla!

June 8-21: Automatic translation porting between CiviCRM releases

June 21-July 5: Changes to CiviCRM’s translation tools

(midterm + honeymoon break)

July 13-19: Internationalization of further CiviCRM fields

July 20-August 2: Smoother upgrades of multilingual sites

August 3-9: Initial database seed localization

dropped from the timeline/project: New, database-driven framework for handling translations

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This Google Summer of Code project will add new features and address various enhancement requests from the current CiviCRM users of the multilingual features and from the volunteer community of translators who made CiviCRM usable in over thirty languages.

Multilanguage integration with Joomla!

Currently the CiviCRM Joomla! component has a…

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I am a PhD student at Warsaw University of Technology in Poland, where I write a thesis on symbolic functional decomposition method for finite state machine implementation in FPGA devices. I also work on CiviCRM as an internationalization expert and I am one of the core members of the project.…

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