Mostafa Ibrahim


This timeline started one week prior to 23rd May , The greened elements are completed ( in SVN )

Phase I (1 weeks)

Finalize the project specifications

Phase II (2 weeks)

  • Backend workflow list view
  • Backend workflow creation view
  • Core plugin
  • “com_content” component handler

Phase III (2 weeks)

  • “Comments” custom field
  • “File attachment” custom field…

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The following is a briefing of the specifications of my GSoC 2009 Project


The workflow extension I'll be working on will support the core content component and have the capacity to support other components (Content Types)

Document workflow will be broken down into a set of "stations" ,An item will be…

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My name is Mostafa Muhammad, I was born in Cairo on May the 4th , 1985,  I’m an Egyptian Muslim,  living in Cairo,  I’m a final year Medical student at Al-Azhar university in Cairo.  I was introduced to Mambo shortly before the Mambo/Joomla! Transition and have been developing for Joomla!…

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