This is my estimate on how the development on JDevTools will take place. It's based on rough estimates, chocolate chip cookies and a bit of common sense.

I'm in the unfortunate situation of having my last examn June 19th, which means that I'll start out soft. Don't worry though. I will get raw and vicious when school is over and I can commit all my time to the project.

Application Interface
- May 25th to June 20th
The application is the user interface we will use for JDevTools. It will be made to resemble the Joomla installer in how it looks and works. Since I'm stressed out about calculus this time period, the goal for this timeframe will modestly be to develop a useful beta of the application. Polish and tricky features will be added later on.
This is also a phase where I will contemplate on how to do the Script system.

Script System
- June 20 to July 5th
This is where I'll get my fingers really dirty. This is the defining phase. The phase where the framework for JDevTools will be outfigured, engineered and assembled.
The time will be spent the first week with experimentation of different approaches, the next week for building the System and the remaining days for testing it.

Basic Tasks
- July 5th to July 12th
On the newly developed system, I will then rush to set up as many common tasks as possible, trying my best to get out in the corners of what is possible and improving the Script System in the process. This development will lead to the first beta by July 12th

AdminList - July 12th to July 19th
As the first beta munches code, my attention will move to the AdminList library that I will work on with a basis in some existing code I have laying around. I will focus on getting code up to joomla standards and improving ajax and quick editing support.

Inputs - July 19th to July 26th
To make everything nice and user friendly, we need to let the scripts ask information of the users in a nice way. They don't need to, of course, but they can, and to make this possible, I will need to focus my attention on this problem.

Packaging - July 26th to August 2th
An important element of component development is the packaging, which I will spend 5 days focusing on getting right. That is, collection all files in a zip file and create an xml install file matching it.

Return to Tasks - August 2nd to August 10th
Having everything else basically in place, it's time to return to the tasks that are still missing. This is amongst other the integrating with the adminList library. I will spend a week getting everything toptuned when it comes to scripting capabilities.

Polish and Testing - August 10th to August 24th
With everything else in place it's time to return to the application and getting it beautified and slick looking. futhermore the a whole lot of testing needs to be done to make sure everything works as I intent.

Summerbreak! - August 24th to September 13th
Time to barbeque down by the lake and hike in the mountains and hang out with all the friends who haven't seen me during google summer of code. Although I bet I can't help but coding a little, just to make time pass.

School start - September 14th to indefinitely
The big churn grinds it's wheels again.