Image processing like generating thumbnails, adding watermarks, applying filters and other similar functions are often needed in many Joomla! components, modules, and plugins.  Many of such functions have been implemented earlier as integral parts of various Joomla applications which doesn't allow to easily reuse them.

The goal of the project is to create a robust library for image processing that would be a part of the Joomla framework and would be used by many Joomla! developers in their applications and to build a content plugin and Advanced Media Manager component as examples of successful utilization of the library.


The project is going to consist of the following parts:

  • Library for bitmap image processing including thumbnails generating system, watermarking system, applying filters, EXIF support, easy image tagging, img tags and scripting language parsing with support of simple instructions for applying filters.
  • Content plugin for parsing img tags that would be able to generate images basing on parametrs provided in img tags, including non-standard parameters for applying filters, cropping, and so on.
  • Advanced Media Manager component built on top of the library. The component would allow to upload and remove images, add and delete directories; it would also provide user graphical interface to all functions of the library.


Much more is comming soon...