I am 20 year old and I am a student at the University of Bucharest, Romania, majoring in Computer Science.  I am very familiar with Joomla! since I am working as a freelancer for over two years, developing components and core modifications to fit clients' needs.

I find the  opportunity of participating at Google Summer of Code 2009 very challenging and attractive. I think it is great to gain some experience directly from the Joomla! developers and in the same time contribute for the growing of an open-source project such as Joomla!

The main goal of my project will be to develop a powerful, very well documentated, enhanced library for working with images. There were previous attempts to do such a thing but they had the disadvantage that they could not be used in external components. My goal is to create this library so that any Joomla! developer can call upon the methods and use their functionalities without having to understand code, just understanding the API that I am going to provide.


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