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Hi everyone!

 I've uploaded the full specs on the svn. You can check it out at  http://labs.joomla.org/svn/labs/playground/people/daniel/gsoc_specs.pdf .



Week 1:   May 25 – 31:  Basic wireframe and basic classes structure


Week 2-3:   June  1 – 14:  Thumbnails generating system, crop & resize features, rotate, flip, applying filters


Week 4:   June 15 – 21:  Watermarking  system, tagging system  and testing


Week 5-6:   June 22 – July 5:  Functions to parse the scripting language and the < IMG > tags.


Week 7:   July 6 12:  Prepairing the mid-term release.


Week 8-9:   July 13 – 26:  Plug-in that can parse articles content and process standard < IMG > tags and JImageScript Scripting Language tags.

Week 10:  July 27 August 2:  Updating the last year GSoC Advanced Media Manager, making it use the Library's functions


Week 11:   August 3 9:  Finalizing the Media Manager, testing and solving possible bugs

Week 12:  August 10
16: Preparing the final release, solving possible issues



Image processing like generating thumbnails, adding watermarks, applying filters and other similar functions are often needed in many Joomla! components, modules, and plugins.  Many of such functions have been implemented earlier as integral parts of various Joomla applications which doesn't allow to easily reuse them.

The goal of the project is to create a robust library for image processing that would be a part of the Joomla framework and would be used by many Joomla! developers in their applications and to build a content plugin and Advanced Media Manager component as examples of successful utilization of the library.


The project is going to consist of the following parts:

  • Library for bitmap image processing including thumbnails generating system, watermarking system, applying filters, EXIF support, easy image tagging, img tags and scripting language parsing with support of simple instructions for applying filters.
  • Content plugin for parsing img tags that would be able to generate images basing on parametrs provided in img tags, including non-standard parameters for applying filters, cropping, and so on.
  • Advanced Media Manager component built on top of the library. The component would allow to upload and remove images, add and delete directories; it would also provide user graphical interface to all functions of the library.


Much more is comming soon...

I am 20 year old and I am a student at the University of Bucharest, Romania, majoring in Computer Science.  I am very familiar with Joomla! since I am working as a freelancer for over two years, developing components and core modifications to fit clients' needs.

I find the  opportunity of participating at Google Summer of Code 2009 very challenging and attractive. I think it is great to gain some experience directly from the Joomla! developers and in the same time contribute for the growing of an open-source project such as Joomla!

The main goal of my project will be to develop a powerful, very well documentated, enhanced library for working with images. There were previous attempts to do such a thing but they had the disadvantage that they could not be used in external components. My goal is to create this library so that any Joomla! developer can call upon the methods and use their functionalities without having to understand code, just understanding the API that I am going to provide.


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