Joomla GSOC 2009 Student Arunoda SusiripalaI am from a village called Kosgoda and I am a student of the University of Kelaniya - Sri Lanka.  I am 21 years old. Currently I am following a B.Sc. Degree in Management and Information Technology.

My Project Details - We cannot stay alone anywhere in the world. So that is also true for the cyberspace also.. High interoperability means you can survive in the jungle for a long time and Joomla needs to be interoperated more than ever.  One thing missing in Joomla is Social Netwoking.  Instead of reinventing the wheel it's worthwile if we could use existing pieces of code.  Elgg is known for one of the best Social Netwoking framework/applications. What my project does is create a integration engine for Joomla! and do the Elgg integration. and the same time that engine can also be used to integrate other applications with Joomla!


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