1. Using Eclipse for Joomla! Development

2. MVC for 1.6

3. Community and Tips for GSoC Success

4. Introducing Joomla! Working Copy

5. Introducting Joomla! Multisite

6. Version Control For Articles

7. Workflow extension for Joomla!

8. Introducing Enhanced Front-end Editing

9. Introducing civiCRM Modules

10. Introducing JImageLib

11. Introducing an Accessible Administrator Template

12. Introducing Joomla! Magento Integration

Our Students

Andrea Tarr

Andrea Tarr - Accessible Administrator Templates

Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen - Magento Joomla Integration

Ankit Ahuja

Ankit Ahuja - Enhanced Front-end Editing

Arunoda Susiripala

Arunoda Susiripala - Joomla – Elgg Integration

Daniel Ghilea

Daniel Ghilea - Thumbnails and Media Manager Enhancements

Edvard Ananyan

Edvard Ananyan - Working Copy of Joomla Live Site

Gartheeban Ganneshapillai

Garthee Ganneshapillai - Taxonomy Extension

Gergo Erdosi

Gergo Erdosi - Advanced Survey Suite

Jonas Arnfred Jonas Arnfred - JDevTools - Automated scripts for Joomla


Lalitanand Dandge Lalitanand Dandge - LDAP Integration

Mostafa Ibrahim

Mostafa Ibrahim - Workflow Extension for Joomla 1.6

Nakul Ganesh S

Nakul Ganesh S - CiviCRM Integration: Front End Extensions

Naveen Gavini

Naveen Gavini - Native Joomla Multisite Support

Piotr Szotkowski

Piotr Szotkowski - CiviCRM Integration: Multilingual

Rahul Verma

Rahul Verma - Desktop Content Manager - Adobe AIR

Victor Carbune

Victor Carbune- Page Versioning and Extension Versioning





These students will be working with our fantastic group of mentors, including: Akarawuth Tamrareang, Alan Langford, Allan Walker, Amit Singh, Andrey Mishenin, Ashwin Date, Brian Shaughnessy, Donald Lobo, Elin Waring, Hugh Boyes, Ian MacLennan, Jennifer Marriott, Luis Galarraga, Marius van Rijnsoever, Oleg Nesterov, Omar Ramos, Parth Lawate, Pisan Chueachatchai, Ray Tsai, Sam Moffatt, Steve Fisher, TJ Baker, Toni Marie Swats, and Wes Morgan.

This year we received a record 147 proposals and were able to accept three more students than last year. We are excited about bringing these students into the Joomla community and for the contributions these projects will make.Our students and mentors come from 18 different countries on six continents (sorry, Antartica!) and represent the global reach of Joomla.

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