Joomla Google Summer of Code 2019

Another great year for Joomla Google Summer of Code (GSoC) just started. This year we got four students to help improving Joomla on various topics focused on Joomla 4. Please give them a warm welcome and support them in any way possible.

GSoC is a great opportunity for students as well as for Joomla. Last year, GSoC brought several new features to the CMS, like the override management and the Web Services (part II) in the forthcoming Joomla 4.0.

Let us give an introduction to our great team of students and mentors:

Joomla 4 Feature Enhancement

Hardik Agarwal

New frontend template: Page-builder

francisca perisa

nitish bahl

Web Services

Oleksandr Samoilov

Some interesting statistics

A big thank you to all students, mentors and admins (Puneet Kala, Sandra Decoux, and Tobias Zulauf) participating and to the countless other people helping!

Let’s make it happen!