Joomla Google Summer of Code 2019

Hello everyone! Three months of Google Summer of Code passed. It was a very important and an interesting time for me. Now I will tell you what we have done during this time and my personal experience in the project.

About the Project

This project is a continuation of the implementation of webservices in Joomla. Webservices are the API layer that helps third-party developers work with a Joomla website. This can significantly improve the popularity of Joomla CMS, because it will help create very functional and complex integrations with sites built with Joomla.

You can view the specification of the project here.

Work Achieved

The work I have done on this project consists of:

  • Implementing API layers for Joomla core components
  • Documentation
  • Implementation of API for Weblinks extension and guideline on how to implement it.

The implemented Core Joomla APIs are:

  • com_banners
  • com_categories
  • com_config
  • com_contact
  • com_content
  • com_contenthistory
  • com_fields
  • com_installer
  • com_languages
  • com_menus
  • com_messages
  • com_modules
  • com_newsfeeds
  • com_plugins
  • com_privacy
  • com_redirect
  • com_tags
  • com_templates
  • com_users

Weblinks API

It was necessary to implement an API for Joomla Weblinks extension, to provide a guideline on how to add API in a component for the community.

  • Code: Pull request
  • The instructions for implementing the component have been created and you can find them here.

Now there is the opportunity to work with the Joomla API. It greatly expands the capabilities of products that can be created using the Joomla CMS. I also hope that in the future most extensions will create their own API for working with them.

Personal Conclusions

I want to express many thanks to my mentors! :)

George Wilson and Andrei Isac are good technicians. I liked working in our team, our meetings were held in a friendly atmosphere.
Sandra Decoux, many thanks for the help with the organization! Sandra always helped and we resolved very quickly any difficulties that appeared during GSoC.

Participation in Google Summer of Code is a very important and interesting stage in my life. It brought me a lot of experience that will help me in my future career as a developer.

I am also glad that I was able to work for the community, because I believe that my work will help Joomla become an even more successful CMS. It is very nice to see the finished result at the end of the period. It is very motivating to create something new and make it even better.

We covered almost all the components we wanted! But two web services still need some work: com_finder and com_media.