Joomla GSoC 18 with Samarth Sharma

The goal of the project is to increase coverage of System Tests for Joomla 4 using Selenium and Codeception. I need to cover as many test cases as possible and make sure that all tests for each component is covered by the end of the project.

My mentors:  Puneet Kala, Nhung Nguyen, Yves Hoppe, Sandra Decoux

Working in Joomla

Evaluation Period

In the past two months, I have had constant support of Puneet, Nhung, Yves and Sandra for my project System Testing For Joomla 4. During the evaluation period, I worked on Automation Tests of Joomla 3 categories and Twitter so that I have a better understanding of Codeception.

I implemented these tests using faker library:

  1.  CRUD on Joomla Categories
  2.  Twitter (login, write tweet, search, comment)

I also worked with Joomla Patch Tester to test issues of Joomla.

Community Bonding Period

We had our first meeting on 25th April on Glip channel. All the Joomla members introduced themselves  and made us feel like we are one of them. We were asked to set up accounts on (VJO) Joomla Volunteers Portal and JDOCS and were added in our respective teams.

We were then given, these 3 basic tasks:

  1. Understanding GitHub
  2. Setup local machines
  3. Joomla Coding Standards

Joomla Coding standards are one of the reasons why I love Joomla, there are comments on every single line of code making it easier for me to understand its structure in the evaluation period.

Setup on local:
All the tests run only when I execute them individually. I need to work on integration of these tests in coming weeks after I have completed a larger variety of tests.

So, to keep in mind what all tests need to be made and what all tests are covered, I made a database containing two tables in excel sheet.
Link of database:

To make sure I follow Joomla coding standards, Tobias helped me setup my Phpstorm IDE according to Joomla standards.

You can find the repository/branch on which we will work at .
All the changes are intended to be merged from the GSoC18 branch to the Joomla 4 branch  with regular pull requests, every three weeks.

We, GSoC 2018 members, Anurag, Geetanshu, Olatunbosun, Alexandra, Wand and Andrei have formed a group with the purpose of discussing some common issues which might be faced by anyone among us in the phase of development, for Joomla! 4.