Joomla GSoC 18 with Olatunbosun Egberinde

My name is Olatunbosun Egberinde, I’m a Nigerian Undergraduate student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. This is my first time in GSoC. I’ve been coding in PHP for years but I decided to try out something new - build what people can find useful. And that’s what motivated me to apply for GSoC under Joomla! Organisation.

The project

The aim of my project is to add a good CLI Application to the Joomla! CMS, that can perform the updates without going to the administrative panel. Administrators can just go via SSH to update somethings within the CMS.

The community bonding

At the early times of the Community bonding, we, students, met with Organisation Admins and Mentors and I also, personally, met other students like me. It was great meeting people from around the world. So, we held our first meeting together where we were introduced to the Organisation and how it operates.

Dring my community bonding experience I made my first Pull request on the project I was working on and I got feedback from guys within the community. Although at first I wanted to give up on the task because I couldn’t quickly understand the feedback given, but then I was encouraged by one of my Mentors - Nicola Galgano (@alikon) to keep asking question on the areas I’m not clear about that the community is always ready to help me as a student and with that I was gotten back on my feet firing my questions back.

My mentors

Speaking with my mentors was great and they’ve really been of help, one thing I admire about them is their intense willingness to help, all you just need to do is reach out for them. They even helped in setting up my PC. I realized I cannot achieve anything tangible in this process without their great help. They are there to help me in all ways they can.

No doubt, Joomla! have a wonderful ecosystem, a group of people whose volunteerism knows no bound, they are always ready to move things forward.

$ echo “Joomla! Rocks”

I see Joomla greater in the future because of the way the community is set and how it's helping people in development. Coding is starting on Monday, 14th of May and I’m so delighted to be part of this great community. I can’t imagine how great I would have improved and learnt at the end of GSoC 2018.

I say thank you to Google and Joomla! for giving me this amazing opportunity to partake in this.