Joomla GSoC 18 with Anurag Kumar

Hello again! It’s me, Anurag. Almost one year has passed since I joined the Joomla community and 3 months ago I was selected for GSoC 2018 for the Improve Override Management project. 3 months of  hard work with my mentors (Astrid Günther, Allon Moritz, and Tobias Zulauf), who helped me to achieve this goal.

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Yes, I am happy to announce that the project was fully implemented all pull requests are approved and merged to main code base here
All my tasks are completed for the final evaluation.
If you interested to read more, here is the first blog post and the second blog post.


  1. Override interface
    Here you can access all updated override files which do belongs to the selected template.
    PR for this:
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    Notification badge along with template details, with details about the updated overrides in each templates.
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  2. Notification card or quick icon like this which shows the details of override.
    It shows the information about the updated overrides in the control panel.

    PR for this :

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During this project, to achieve our goal, we also made changes in the Core API which need to be documented as well. Like multi-form support in one page with different ids without hard code in js.

Personal Experience

Joining Joomla and its community is a turning point in my life. Because it made me get familiar with the open source projects, how things deals and prepare for long term support and well as backward compatibility. I learned lot of things which I would have never learned without this project.

The success of this project is my mentors and the Joomla community, everyone helped me a lot in his field when I needed help. So, a special thanks to all for love and support :)

After, a great experience of 1 year with Joomla, I will continue my contributions and work on Joomla :)

I strongly encourage you to apply for Google Summer Of Code and specially for Joomla Projects because here you always learn new things.

Read the documentation of this project which is short but effective and covers all things: