Joomla GSoC 18 with Anurag Kumar

Hello again!
One month of hard work with my great mentors (Astrid G√ľnther, Allon Moritz, Tobias Zulauf), who helped me to achieve this goal, has passed.

Now, everyone have one question.


So, here is the answer:

We added some new features to the template manager and the Joomla update system which helps to improve the override management. And, if you are already following the Joomla Volunteers Portal then you can read see my weekly reports here.

Diff view

The Diff view shows the difference between the core file and an override file which helps users to see what changes they have done in the override file.
Here is the related PR:

How it looks like:


In the top right corner there are two toggling buttons you can hide or show diff view and the core file view.

Notification after update

Notification after update if a core file is changed or updated, where the override exists, which shows the number of updated core files in notification.
Here is the related PR:

It looks like this:


For these things, we did a lot of the backend works and added different methods to achieve this.
You can see all my PRs here:

Methods like: getCoreFile(), which receives an override file path and it returns the core file path of the override file, getOverrideCoreList(), which gives a list of override files and its core file hash which helps to find update core files and many more functions. So, after this one, more questions come ...


Our next tasks

1. Show the list of updated override files in one place. In the below picture you can see what we have planned.


2. Notification card or quick icon like this which shows the details of override.


And, we planned few more features to add during this project.

Through this project I learned many things with great mentors and Joomla community, like how to deal with big projects, and this also makes me more expert in Joomla development. So, stay tuned with new updates. Thanks for reading.