Joomla GSoC 18 with Olatunbosun Egberinde

A month has passed and coding has really been intensive and fun. A lot has been learned and some goals have been achieved. I’ve had wonderful feelings of sharing my problems with my fellow students, who are always ready to help, and by helping out where I can.

With no doubt, the one month coding period has been wonderful, and exciting period I will love to have over and over again.

I had a great time starting my first milestone on the 14th of May, 2018, even though it took me some time to figure out as I’m required to follow the Test driven development (TDD).

At first, it was a challenging experience having to write tests first and making sure they failed and then write the code to pass them. Through the help of my mentors and some guys within the community I was able to finally make it happen.

I will always appreciate my mentors for their kind works at all times, their patience to listen to my problems is just wonderful.

Talking about Nicola Galgano – who I personally like calling the Old man of Roma :D - has being a strong support for me. The way he demystifies a problem is quite good and his unwavering readiness to keep track of my progress has been great.


I would like to show the progress of the CLI update project so far for the one month coding period.
The overall project can be found here:

On the project now, we have 3 milestones already worked on with 3 PRs which are currently under reviews from mentors. I’ll talk briefly on each of them now.

Milestone One: Check Updates Command

olatunbosun post 2 1

This command allows to check if an update is available for the Joomla core.
PR is here:
We will be able to use this in Joomla 4 by issuing the php cli/joomla.php check-updates command.

Milestone Two: Extension Commands

This milestone comprises of 3 commands for managing extensions (plugins, components, modules, languages and files).
PR is here:

Extension Install command: We now have commands that can install an extension from an URL or from a path as specified within the command.

olatunbosun post 2 2

Extension List command: This command allows us to list extensions in a table shown within the console. The list shows an overview of all the extensions that are installed in the Joomla installation. The list can be sorted based on the type of extensions of interest.

olatunbosun post 2 3

Extension Remove command: This command allows to remove extensions from the Joomla installation when the ID of the extension is provided for it. The ID of the extension can be seen when the extension:list command is run.

olatunbosun post 2 4

Milestone Three: Update core command

olatunbosun post 2 5

This command allows to update the Joomla core when an update is available.
PR is here:

That’s all for now! I really want the community to follow up, that’s why I have included links so far.

More commands will be added for the new month as I progress on the project. There is a lot that is possible through the Command line and I’m really enthusiastic about bringing them to reality.

I’m really happy about doing this and I’m very positive about the next month coding sprint that I’ll achieve more.