Joomla GSoC 18 with Wang Yuchao

Hi there! After another month of hard work, this project finally comes to an end. Let’s see what has been changed since the last post.

A big change has been made. After a long meeting with my mentors, we decided to drop the fallback language part because it’s too complex for now.

We decided to do the rest in the Multilingual Associations component and not component per component which means:

  • Automatic creation with a modal to choose a unique Reference Language for the site in the Multilingual Associations manager.
  • A button per item "Create Associations", users can click on it and display the modal which is now used for selecting content languages and options. For example, we move the functionality totally in Multilingual Associations.
  • New column headers in Multilingual Associations screen to show whether associations have been created with our usual language icons in different colours.
    wang 3 1
    wang 3 2
  • Button which will open the modal - In this Modal you can select, edit or create a category / menu for each item. Existing options will only be shown.
wang 3 3
  • The names of newly created associations are in the following form: Original Name [Language Name]
  • The alias of newly created associations are in the following form: Original-Alias-Language-Name
  • Once created associations are done, a message will tell the users the result: success or failed.
wang 3 4
wang 3 5

Now we have a much convenient way to create associations for items.

As GSoC 2018 approaching to an end, I have to say, this is really an unforgettable experience to me. I had never participated in open source projects before. So this was a brand new experience. I studied to learn how to communicate with other members and express my own opinions precisely. And many thanks to my kind mentors: Elisa Foltyn, Christiane Maier-Stadtherr, Marco Dings, João Reys Santos, Puneet Kala, Sandra Decoux, Tobias Zulauf, Yves Hoppe, Lavinia Popa-Rössel.