Joomla New Media Manager - Kasun Vithanage

What? Yes, the New Media Manager Tells no Tales. Because it is the most wonderful Media Manager ever.

Joomla 4 Media Manager

The old Media Manager was traditional and was not updated for a long time, that’s where the idea for creating a fresh Media Manager with Modern Web Technologies came. New Media Manager will be released with Joomla! 4.x

Even though New Media Manager tells no tales, I’m going to tell one, the tale of a student who travelled through clouds to bring the essence to New Media Manager.

A Student was recruited

I am a student of Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya who studies Computer Engineering. Back in April I saw Google Summer Of Code begins, it was my first time and applied for the Joomla! Project for Cloud file system for Media Manager Project. The idea of the project was to develop an API for 3rd party developers for Cloud Filesystems.

So it’s time to sail captain.

The Overview

Clouds allows to keep files of users in a secure space allowing them to access files at any time. Cloud Architecture for Joomla was proposed because it can be widely used in Joomla  for serving Media Files from those online storages.

Media Manager is the one who connects all together.

With this enabled Clouds can stand as CDN services for Joomla.

Joomla 4 Media Manager

If you interested to read more, here is the first part of the blog post

Captain, what is new on the board?

Multiple Adapter Support

It’s what you have waited for, what’s actually new. In the last blog post you can see I was working on the Multiple Adapter Architecture for Media Manager.

Joomla 4 Media Manager

Multiple adapter architecture allows users to add more than single file system with an ease. All users need to do is to install a plugin which supports File System adapters.

File Serving

It is obvious we need to serve files from clouds to the Joomla site to display content. But how, as a plugin developer you may want to add some filter to files and show them, you may need to cache them, you may need to serve them based on location and the list will never be filled. So we have let you decide how you should serve. It allows developers to do anything they prefer, serve as they like. Our API will take care of the rest.

Joomla 4 Media Manager

Cloud Authorisation

In OAuth workflow process it is a need to do Authentication and Authorize with cloud provider. But this requires some redirection handling. So will you have to do it alone? No, if you like we are pleased to announce that the things are pretty easy now. You can use our callback endpoint with an ease.

Joomla 4 Media Manager

So developers can focus more on their plugin instead of worrying to create callback handlers

Joomla 4 Media Manager

Multiple Account Handling

Now Media Manager allows you to have multiple accounts per your adapter by default. So it will come in handy adding not only single account but many into your Joomla! with new API.

Enough tales, I need to see this myself

If you are too curious you can visit the repository for more information. You can see a working dropbox cloud adapter there.

You can check the video which does a demonstration for Dropbox adapter here.

Joomla 4 Media Manager

End of a tale is just a beginning of another

Joining the Joomla! Project was a turning point in my life, it made me get familiar with the process of the open source workflow well with the best warming community in the world. I have learnt lot of things and the whole project was fun. I strongly encourage you to apply for Google Summer of Code for upcoming years. And specially apply for the Joomla! Project. It will be your family :)