Another great year for Joomla! Google summer of code just started. This year we got the awesome amount of 10 students to help improving Joomla! on various topics - four more than last year! Please give them a warm welcome and support them in any way possible.

GSoC is a great opportunity for students as well as for Joomla. In the past years, GSoC brought several new features to the CMS, like the multilingual associations manager and JavaScript tests, in Joomla! 3.7 or the Template Manager in Joomla! 3.2.

Let us give an introduction to our great team of students and mentors:

Webservices for Joomla!



  • Students: Mohamed Karam, Altay Adademir
  • Countries: Egypt, UK
  • Mentors: George Wilson, Michael Babker, David Neukirchen, Matias Aguirre

Improved Routing


  • Student: Akmal Khikmatullaev
  • Country: Germany
  • Mentors: Yves Hoppe, Gunjan Patel, Christopher Wagner

New Media Manager


  • Student: Kasun Vithanage
  • Country: Sri Lanka
  • Mentors: Allon Moritz, David Neukirchen, Dimitris Gramatikos

Parallel testing


  • Student: Isac Flavius Andrei
  • Country: Romania
  • Mentors: Tito Alvarez, Niels Braczek, Astrid Günther

Publishing Workflow


  • Student: Jan Jaracz
  • Country: Poland
  • Mentors: Benjamin Trenkle, Sven Hurt, Buddhima Wijeweera, Shubham Rajput

Expand Extension Manager


  • Student: Nuno
  • Country: Portugal
  • Mentors: Lllewellyn van der Merwe, Roland Dalmulder, Anibal Sanchez, Nicola Galgano

JavaScript Tests for Joomla! 4


  • Student: Supun Wanniarachchi
  • Country: Sri Lanka
  • Mentors: Ruchiranga Wackrimasanghe, Ashan Fernando, Dimitris Gramatikos

Refactoring help screens on Joomla! Docs


  • Student: Shivam Rajput
  • Country: India
  • Mentors: Tom Hutchison, Sandra Thevenet, Peter Martin, João Reys Santos

PR Testing Platform


  • Student: Ricardo Fusco
  • Country: Portugal
  • Mentors: Ashan Fernando, Tito Alvarez, Niels Braczek

Some interesting statistics for you

A big thank you to all students and mentors participating and to the countless other people helping! Especially to Sandra Thevenet for all the help in marketing and to Tobias Zulauf for his invaluable assistance!

Let’s make it happen!