Joomla Google Summer of Code

Javier Gomez was a Joomla GSoC Student in 2012, and since then he has been mentor more than twice for the GSoC Team. To celebrate Joomla’s 10th year participation in GSoC, we thought on interviewing Javier and ask him about his GSoC experience.

Can you briefly explain on which project you worked for Joomla?

I worked on the Language Installer for Joomla. The goal of the project was to create an interface to install language packs from a generated list of accredited language packs during Joomla installation and subsequently from the administrator interface.

The Joomla Community has always been very committed to improve the internationalization in all the areas of the project. As a result, there are translations available into more than 70 languages. In my opinion, supporting other languages than English is particularly important for the Joomla CMS. We must take into account that Joomla is used around the globe, mainly by people who are non-native English speakers. Being one of them, I have been always concerned about making Joomla accessible for everyone.

At that time in Joomla, users were able to install and use Joomla in their own language. Sadly, there were still some steps that needed to be done in English: after installing Joomla on the server, users had to navigate in English through the Joomla Administration until they find the installer that allows them to add their preferred language package. This represented a language barrier for some users. I believe we made a big step forward avoiding this mentioned step.

How was your experience with Joomla?

A w e s o m e!

Did the work at Joomla GSoC help you with your university and later work life?

After finishing my project I got invited to join the Joomla Production Leadership Team in which I have been volunteering for almost 5 years. I think all these learning experience have indeed deeply influenced me and helped me to gain better professional experiences.

What would you advise new students to Joomla and GSoC?

Have fun, work hard and focus on your deliveries. You will not regret when you finally offer your gift to the broad Joomla community.

What was your greatest moment during GSoC?

With no doubt, meeting you, Puneet, and many other GSoC friends at the event organised during JandBeyond 2014 in Germany

And what was your hardest?

Are there hard moments in GSoC?

What are you doing today?

I work as a software quality engineer with automation at

Are you still active in the Joomla! Community?


What was your overall experience with Joomla and GSoC?

A very good experience!