Joomla Google Summer of Code

Buddhima was a GSoC Student with Joomla community in 2013, and since then he has been mentor two times for the GSoC team.
To celebrate Joomla’s 10th Year participation in GSoC we thought on interviewing Buddhima and ask him about his experience of GSoC.

Can you explain a bit on which project you worked for Joomla?

Front-end Website Administration for CMS 3.

How was your experience with Joomla?

It was a really great experience, I learnt a lot from Joomla!

Did the work at Joomla GSoC help you with your university and later work life?

Yes, I want to highlight the best practices that Joomla community follows. Those helped me a lot to get adapted to the best way of doing things such as git branching practices, code formatting ...

What would you advise new students to Joomla and GSoC?

Joomla is a very good project, invest time and you will receive far more than what you can expect.

What was your greatest moment during GSoC?

Seeing my implementation worked and getting my code merged into the codebase.

And what was your hardest?

Defending my opinion.

What are you doing today?

I am a Software Engineer.

Are you still active in the Joomla Community?


What was your overall experience with Joomla and GSoC?

It has been a very good experience.