Joomla Google Summer of Code

Ashan was a Joomla GSoC Student in 2013, and since then he has been mentor three times for the GSoC Team. To celebrate Joomla’s 10th year participation in GSoC, we thought on interviewing Ashan and ask him about his GSoC experience.

Can you briefly explain on which project you worked for Joomla?

I worked on a project to remove MooTools JavaScript dependencies from Joomla and replace them with jQuery.

How was your experience with Joomla?

Excellent! It's an amazing community, empowering and encouraging students.

Did the work at Joomla GSoC help you with your university and later work life?

Yes. It helped to build my technical competencies and more importantly, interpersonal skills.

What would you advise new students to Joomla and GSoC?

It's amazing to contribute to Joomla with the awesome community out there. Also, you should never stop after your project! We need your support to Joomla in long-term and definitely it's worthwhile for your career.

What was your greatest moment during GSoC?

Getting selected to GSoC.

And what was your hardest?

Committing to the GSoC timeline while balancing my university work.

What are you doing today?

I'm a Cloud Solutions Architect and a Serverless Movement Evangelist consulting for various projects in adopting Cloud and Moving their applications to Microservices.

Are you still active in the Joomla! Community?

Yes, I am still an active member of the GSoC Team.

What was your overall experience with Joomla and GSoC?

A very good experience!