JDocs Project by Shivam Rajput

GSoC comes to an end. It was a really interesting 3-months journey, and I enjoyed the project I worked upon as well as my team.

What has been accomplished so far

Joomla! 4 Backend Guided Tour

The Guided Tour Implementation has almost finished, It just needs some final touches. I am working on them..

Every user will see a New Button in the backend, “Take the Tour”. It will help users to get a quick overview of what can be achieved with this component or that module.

So, yes, it is big accomplishment for me.

Usually, we want to know how to use something before starting using it.

Joomla 4 Guided Tour
Joomla 4 Guided Tour

A new Button Added -  Joomla 4 Guided Tour

Small Video for the overview of the Guided Tour: https://youtu.be/XWLC19FSwTM

Screenshot automation for the JDOCS.

Almost 90% of the Automation of the backend screenshots has been done. Some parts are left but are on the right way.

I am pretty sure that the time previously needed to create all the screenshots can be achieved in just a few minutes thanks to this automation. With only 4-5 commands, the Volunteers will be able to take all the needed screenshots.

And, no need to worry about naming the Screenshots, as this will be done automatically.

Here is a short video explaining how the screenshot automation works:  https://youtu.be/VYrVFkf98wQ

And here are the screenshots generated: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1eYyialFUnoYjA1Wmd2N3l6cUk

Some difficulties I faced

In the beginning of the Project I faced some major difficulties, especially with selecting the Proper JS library for the Guided Tour. But my mentors were awesome, they helped me in taking the right decision and correcting me when I was wrong.

These difficulties have been a way to improve myself and to make me learn many new things every single day.

I disturbed a lot my mentors during the past 3 months. But they were so good and they always helped me.

Future improvements

As everyone know, nothing is perfect in this world and everything needs updates and fixes.

So yes,My project is not any different: it could use some improvements. Dimitris and Jonathan, with whom I discussed, have already many ideas to improve the Guided Tour project. I was willing to apply them, but the deadline of the project prevents me from accomplishing them.
We can, for example, add different effects to the Guided Tour, so that it could be more ‘eye catching’ and grabs better the attention of the user.

How GSoC changed my life

In the previous months, I learned a lot thanks to GSoC. GSoC gave a platform that helped me in connecting with Joomla.
I can say now Yes, I do know some people, and if I’m stuck in code, I know they will help me and can overcome that.

In a few days, I'll finish my GSoC project. My journey in the open source world has been fabulous.
It gave me some new connections that I will keep. And of course, it made me improve my knowledge.

I would recommend every student to apply for GSoC. Whatever is the area you would like to work in, I’m sure there will be an organisation that will match your area of interest and expertise.

If you love web development and really want to enhance your knowledge and to develop something that could go live, Come Join Joomla! It’s an awesome community. I didn't meet all the community members yet of course, but the ones I met are wonderful and helpful.

Thank you to my Mentors for always trusting me and giving me the guidance. It has been an unforgettable experience, I gained many new things from the Joomla! Community. I hope we meet soon!