I am Kasun Vithanage from Sri Lanka. I am studying a Computer Engineering degree in Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya. I’m interested in Computer Programming since I was a child and started learning C as my first programming language. With the time I got the opportunity to enter university for engineering and finally selected Computer Engineering. In 2011 I started learning PHP and discovered Joomla. Now thanks to GSoC, I’m contributing to Joomla! to make it even more awesome. How wonderful :)

Cloud Services

Google Summer of Code

Cloud services enable people to work with collaboration in an ease. They also give users a large amount of space to hold their files. Most of them provides APIs which enable 3rd party app developers to take advantage from their clouds to provide a service to an user. With a reduced cost an user can get a premium experience with clouds.

Why cloud file system for Joomla!

People who work with blogs often need to store their images, share them with other people etc. Clouds provide a safe place for all this stuff. With the time an user may want to expand storage of their hosting service but it is costly, so as a solution, the integration of cloud services to Joomla! can be pointed out. Users will be able to keep their large files with a 3rd party cloud and use them as usual files with Joomla.

Google Summer of Code

The Project

The project is about developing a rich API which allows 3rd party extension developers to integrate a cloud file system in Joomla.OAuth2.0 is the preferred method to access information stored in a cloud.

Google Summer of Code

Users can obtain access tokens from their web services and then Joomla! will fetch contents using refresh tokens. Access tokens are coming with short lifetime and refresh tokens comes with a longer lifetime. The API that is the part of this project will serve relevant media from cloud services using OAuth2.

Some service providers will give access to their CDN paid services.Joomla! will be able to use these features with the New Media Manager. These CDNs are typically cached based on Location. So contents will be loaded faster with these features. 3rd party developers will be able to use their Buckets to be ready with Joomla.

Current Status of Project

Currently I’ve added multiple adapter support to the Media Manager:

Google Summer of Code

Anyone can create a filesystem plugin and it will be shown in Media Manager once it enabled.