JDocs Project by Shivam Rajput

I am Shivam Rajput, a university student currently pursuing my Bachelor of Technology of Computer Science and Engineering (Btech-CSE) at Amity University, India. When I was a kid playing video games I discovered the "computer's world". I was interested in attending their labs and decided to start my career in this field. As soon I completed my school life I decided to do Btech in Computer field and I have chosen the CSE branch.

In my 2nd year at Amity I was introduced to the Python Community in Delhi, ‘PyDelhi.’ I started to get involved in the open source world. It was a great opportunity to improve my knowledge about Open Source.
I attended conferences, organized workshops, and started my club in college mainly for building a small community for students interested in this topic.
When I started with Web Development Stuff, I discovered different types of framework one of them was Joomla, which interested me more because of its flexibility.

This Joomla! Google Summer of Code (GSoC) Project is my first experience with open source on a very high level. I have already learned a lot from my mentors and the Joomla! community members.
When the GSOC 2017 organization list was announced I quickly searched for Joomla. I was excited to apply for the Joomla! Project.
I started with testing patches as suggested by Puneet Kala to understand the code.
I selected the project where I thought my talents could be useful and submitted my proposal. I was excited to learn my proposal was accepted! I am so proud to be part of the Joomla! Family!

What is GSOC?

GSOC is a summer coding program, sponsored by Google. Various students from different universities around the world participate in this program. They are assigned with a project from different Open Source Organizations. On successful completion of the project Google awards stipend to the students.

A Guided Tour for Joomla! 4

The main goal of my project is to make Joomla! 4 easier for new users.
I'll try to accomplish that by providing a more interactive and user friendly overview of the Joomla! website administration (backend) using a guided tour.

Who can benefit from this tour?

A new user who wants to have an easy overview of Joomla’s backend components.

What will be the approach?

Maybe ... It could be like a high level tour of a backend component with no more than 6 key points on how to use that component.

Currently we have only the Help Screens to help new Joomla! Users to get an overview of any component’s view. To help make it easier and more interactive for new users, this project has been submitted.

Here is an example of this project’s vision.

gsoc 2017 joomla documentation
gsoc 2017 joomla documentation

And yes, of course this will be a feature which can be turned on and off by more experienced users.

Refactoring the Help Screens

Here comes the second part of the project i.e Providing a more manageable and easier system that will require less time to keep the Help Screens up to date.
For approaching this task we will be using a bot that will automate JDocs.

By helping the volunteers who are maintaining the Help Screens,we aim to make them easier to manage and to update for the benefits of all users.

Currently we have two options:

  1. Performing it manually
  2. Setting up a Bot to alter the edits in one click.

You can see at more information on my project at https://github.com/joomla-projects/gsoc17_helpscreens_on_jdocs  or the team at https://volunteers.joomla.org/teams/gsoc-17-refactoring-help-screen-on-jdocs 

What is my Progress?

I have implemented a Guided Tour Button on the backend components view and the guided tour is triggered with a simple click.
Using the Hopscotch and BootStrap Tour JS libraries, I have started to implement a guided tour, implemented the dynamic link creation of JSON files which will be used for the steps of the guided tour.
We had several meetings for the discussion about the guided tour and the Bot.

Here are just a few links to our discussions:

The Guided Tour for different Views needs to prepared after discussion with the Team.

Started the work over the Bot

(I will be posting updates regarding that in my 2nd article. So stay in touch!)

Goals of the project

  • The guided tour will help the new users get a quick overview of the administrative components and will aid in their understanding of Joomla! while making it more user friendly.
  • The second part of this project will be to help our volunteers and ease their tasks of creating and updating the Help Screens. With an easier and faster method to update and translate them it will help provide the right information to new users.

I am thankful to my mentors Tom Hutchison, Peter Martin , Sandra Thevenet and João Reys Santos for guiding me and helping me writing my first blog post and for their useful feedback and for reviewing the Project time to time.
I also want to thank GSoC-Joomla! team admins Puneet Kala and Yves Hoppe for their guidance.