GSOC 2017

Google Summer of Code - 2017

Joomla Google Summer of Code

Javier Gomez was a Joomla GSoC Student in 2012, and since then he has been mentor more than twice for the GSoC Team. To celebrate Joomla’s 10th year participation in GSoC, we thought on interviewing Javier and ask him about his GSoC experience.

Joomla Google Summer of Code

Ashan was a Joomla GSoC Student in 2013, and since then he has been mentor three times for the GSoC Team. To celebrate Joomla’s 10th year participation in GSoC, we thought on interviewing Ashan and ask him about his GSoC experience.

Joomla Google Summer of Code

Buddhima was a GSoC Student with Joomla community in 2013, and since then he has been mentor two times for the GSoC team.
To celebrate Joomla’s 10th Year participation in GSoC we thought on interviewing Buddhima and ask him about his experience of GSoC.

Joomla 10th anniversary with GSoC

Joomla has a long history of participating at GSoC and we are proud that 2017 is our 10th anniversary participating in this fantastic program.

Joomla at GSoC 2017 Mentor Summit

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself representing Joomla among 149 registered orgs and 329 selected mentors at the GSoC 2017 Mentor Summit, Sunnyvale, California. The summit was the final event and the conclusion of an intensive period of collaboration and volunteering that started at the beginning of the season with our participation in the Google Summer of Code.

JS Test for Joomla 4 Supun Wanniarachchi

Sunsets are beautiful to the point that they seem as though we were looking through the doors of Heaven. Sunsets are just little glimpses but the beauty of the sunset is a farewell kiss for the day. So this GSoC journey is a sunset of my life. It enlightens my career and is a really good life changing experience. I learn from the past, dream about the future and don’t forget to enjoy life. Don’t forget beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies.

Expand the Joomla Extension Manager with Nuno Lopes

Almost 3 months and a half passed since I was accepted as a student in GSoC on Expand Extension Manager project for Joomla. Since then I learned to develop PHP code for the CMS core, and how to dive into large code bases with PhpStorm and Xdebug.

JDocs Project by Shivam Rajput

GSoC comes to an end. It was a really interesting 3-months journey, and I enjoyed the project I worked upon as well as my team.

Joomla Publishing Worflow Project by Jan Jaracz

In the previous article we’ve talked about the goal of this project in general what are states, transitions and workflows. Now, let’s have a closer look on how it actually works.

Joomla New Media Manager - Kasun Vithanage

What? Yes, the New Media Manager Tells no Tales. Because it is the most wonderful Media Manager ever.

Parallel Testing for Joomla  Flavius Andrei Isac

Hello all again! I am happy to announce that the project is fully implemented and has reached the review and testing stage. In the following paragraphs I will go through the parts of the system and in the end I will describe how it shall be used.

PR Testing Platform for Joomla by Ricardo Fusco

With the end of GSoC coming to a near after this long journey it is time to make a balance of what the whole experience has been so far.
I’ll go over what has been accomplished, how were the interactions, the difficulties encountered, final steps for GSoC and prospects for the near future of this project.

Joomla Webservices by Altay Adademir & Mohamed Karam

Web services became a necessity in today’s web development world. It helps add other dimensions to the power of websites for example: a new website can sell their articles for other developers as APIs, also they can use Joomla! API to build a mobile application for their news and articles to help them reach more audiences.

Parallel Testing for Joomla  Flavius Andrei Isac

Hello all! Before I jump to the project, I would like to introduce myself.
My name is Isac Andrei, from Romania and I am currently finishing my studies in Computer Science at University Politehnica of Bucharest. During my last semester I have studied at the University of Groningen, Netherlands, this lead me to the taste of international study, therefore I will study my masters at ETH, in Zurich, Switzerland.

JS Test for Joomla 4 Supun Wanniarachchi

The beginning of GSOC 2017 journey was a dream which was out of reach for me. But with commitment and passion I was able to finally make it a reality. The project I will be working over the summer involves improvements of the existing test suite for Joomla! 4 custom JavaScript libraries, implementation of new test coverage for vue.js components (extend basic HTML elements to encapsulate reusable code) in the New Media Manager and Vanilla JavaScript conversion.

JDocs Project by Shivam Rajput

I am Shivam Rajput, a university student currently pursuing my Bachelor of Technology of Computer Science and Engineering (Btech-CSE) at Amity University, India. When I was a kid playing video games I discovered the "computer's world". I was interested in attending their labs and decided to start my career in this field. As soon I completed my school life I decided to do Btech in Computer field and I have chosen the CSE branch.

I am Kasun Vithanage from Sri Lanka. I am studying a Computer Engineering degree in Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya. I’m interested in Computer Programming since I was a child and started learning C as my first programming language. With the time I got the opportunity to enter university for engineering and finally selected Computer Engineering. In 2011 I started learning PHP and discovered Joomla. Now thanks to GSoC, I’m contributing to Joomla! to make it even more awesome. How wonderful :)

A new publishing workflow for Joomla - Jan Jaracz

My name is Jan Jaracz and I'm from Poland. Maybe some of you meet me on the JAB conference in Cracow. I'm 20 years old and I just start studying on AGH University in Krakow. I'm part of Google Summer of Code project and joined the Joomla! community.

Expand the Joomla Extension Manager with Nuno Lopes

Introduction of Expand Extensions Manager Project

Our project aims to improve the user experience while managing their extensions on Joomla CMS and provide developers with a better support when developing their components.

GSoC Parallel Testing

My name is Ricardo Fusco, I'm 23 years old and I'm a Portuguese graduate student from "Universidade de Évora" (University of Évora), and I am currently on my 2nd year masters in Computer Science, 6th year in university, just finished all the curricular units in the master with only thesis left.