Mentors and org admins from each GSoC Participating Organization are invited to the mentor annual weekend unconference. This year the Summit held at Google Campus (Sunnyvale, California, USA) from October 28 to 30.

Google explains that the purpose of the Mentor Summit is to say "thank you" to the mentors, who they consider "the heart of soul of the program" and keep the program maturing and evolving (we agree with that). They will talk about GSoC and the FOSS community, what can be done to make the program better, how to keep students involved in their communities post GSoC and to discuss many other relevant topics. Besides that, it’s a fun way to meet up with other mentors and org admins across the GSoC universe and share experiences.

Puneet Kala (org admin) and Yves Hoppe (mentor) were selected as Joomla representatives in Mentor Summit this year.


Why them? #j!transparency time

Puneet Kala
It is important to send an org admin to the summit since the experiences of other organizations can help us to make our job in Joomla! GSoC Team each time better. Puneet Kala was chosen because of his experience in the past years involved with GSoC. Besides that, we have very positive feedback from students and mentors about his work as the team leader.

Yves Hoppe
Yves mentored two projects during GSoC 2016, one of which has already been merged in the Core and the second is also in a very good shape.
He has helped in reviewing the work done by Shubham, Nikita, Karam. He has provided valuable suggestions and always ensured code quality and Joomla Standards are followed across all the Projects.
He has always been available to Students, feedback for which directly came from them as they would contact Yves to help them in technical and functional understanding when their mentors would not be around.
He has helped in setting up Github workflow for all the projects and also prepared documents such as
Yves Github activity clearly shows the level of involvement he has had in GSoC 2016 Program. Yves did a great job and has been a great team player.


The report from the 2016 Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit will be shared in Joomla Community Magazine December edition.