My name is Gary Brooks and I am an addict... to Joomla!

This is the story of how I met Joomla! and why I cannot break the addiction.  I was introduced to Joomla! a long ago by a close friend of mine, Irfan Moosani.  Irfan said that it was the "best stuff".  I had tried other "good stuff" before like the WordPress, and it was pretty darn good, but I had never tried Joomla!.  I wanted to try new things but I didn't want to try too much.  Next thing I knew I was using Joomla! every day and night.  I was hooked!  Now, my addiction has spread from myself to my team, my family and even my friends now love Joomla!.   
After a while of using the Enterprise CMS I could not take anymore of that fancy GUI and guessing; I had to look to get help with Joomla!  I found many resources to help me learn my new found addiction.  I quickly learned that there were many others like me, addicted to Joomla! In fact, there was a whole community of people addicted to Joomla!. 
joomla day chicago
Are you ready to join our community of addicted Joomla! users?  Then come see us at Joomla! Day Chicago for the web developers’ event of the summer.  Some of the greatest minds of this community will be in Chicago on August 5th and 6th, including some of the original people who created Joomla! and who are still leaders of our community.  You’ll also get to mingle with some board members from Open Source Matters. 
If you have not been to a Joomla! event before, let me tell you: they are amazing.  You feel this power and feeling that you’ve never felt before.  You walk around, talk to people, attend powerful sessions on topics that will make you big money, learn about open source, make deals, show off your code, smile about funny things.  Many times you will see crazy people doing crazy things like throwing frisbees or balls at your head or ending up in the wrong hotel room. 
I find Joomla! Day events to be a meeting of the minds.  What I really love is to see the minds after a few drinks at the pub. :-)  Everyone is always invited to hang out together after the events.  Joomla! Day Chicago is not for the faint at heart.  Seats are limited.  We are going to be hanging out at the Chicago Microsoft offices.  Who would not want to hang out in a “Skype Scraper” for 2 days? (Skype was a joke :)  
If you’re thinking about joining the Joomla! Community, you should attend one of these Joomla! Day events.  We are a very friendly and welcoming people who care about your business and helping each other succeed.
A lot of work has gone into organizing an outstanding cast of over 22 of the most knowledgeable Joomla! experts in the world who will be presenting real world topics that will improve your knowledge and efficiencies. 
As if you didn’t already have enough reasons to attend the Joomla! Day Chicago event, this event also coincides with Lollapalooza, the largest music event in the Midwest.  The music festival is held directly across the street from the Joomla! Day venue.

Iphone App

Last announcement: Joomla! Day Chicago is also the first Joomla! Day event to be sharing an awesome iPhone app dedicated to our event.  The app was donated by one of the sponsors at  We are thankful for their contribution and beautiful tool they have designed for the attendees of this conference.  

Download it today: 


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