Joomla 4 Launch Party

Event Date: 17 August 2021

17 Peacock Street
United Kingdom
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Phil Walton

Timezone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Event Description

Join us on Tuesday the 17th of August for an amazing double celebration. Not only does #Joomla celebrate its 16th birthday but to mark this celebration, the Joomla project will be releasing the long-awaited Joomla 4. A double whammy!

You are invited to get to know the people behind the release as we bombard them with questions about their participation in the project and contribution to the release. As if all that wasn’t enough, we’ll be introducing the new President of OS Matters, Robert Deutz.

All of the proceedings will be compèred by one of the best-known founders of Joomla, Brian Teeman. He’ll be helping us uncover the past, present and future of the project through interviews and some personal insights.

The evening will start early this month at 17:00 UTCT. That's 18:00 BST for UK peeps.


The room will open at 17:00 UTC

17:00 Welcome everyone for an early-doors play with the new release

17:50 Joomla Video and introduce Brian as compare

18:00 Introduce Harald Leither, release lead of the 3.9 series and chat

18:10 Questions to Harald from the group

18:20 Introduce Tobias Zulauf, release lead of the 3.10 series and chat

18:30 Questions to Tobias from the group

18:40 Introduce George Wilson, release lead of the 4.0 series and chat

18:50 Questions to George from the group

19:00 Introduce Benjamin Trenkle, release lead of the 4.1 series and chat

19:10 Questions to Benjamin from the group

19:20 Introduce Robert Deutz, new President of Joomla and chat

19:30 Questions to Robert from the group

19:40 Introduce Brian Teeman, Co-Founder of Joomla and chat

19:50 Questions to Brian from the group

20:00 Party time!

Schedule times are in UTC, for UK peeps, that’s one hour behind us.