JUGCN Meeting - March 2017

Event Date: 08 March 2017

Danico Enterprises Inc
8 West Campbell St, Suite 200 West B
United States
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SD Williams

Timezone: Central Standard Time (GMT-6:00)
Event Description

Let's Talk Gantry!


Gantry Frameworks 4 & 5 are used by template houses like RocketTheme and InspireTheme, two of our favorites and we often get questions. We will take those questions and walk through the differences between gantry4 and gantry5, where to fine help, some of our favorite features and tips to help you get to working quickly.

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We recommend parking in the 4 hour free shopper (blue) parking in the Vail Street Garage, Entrance is Vail Avenue or Highland Between Sigwalt & Campbell Streets.

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