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07.11.2023 - 06.05.2024
  • JoomlaDayOtun2023 III

    Date Mon Nov 6 2023 - Fri Nov 10 2023

    As a result of repositioning for the year, Daydah Concepts Limited had introduced "JoomlaDayOtun 2023 I" to help prepare the hosting organization - Uptake Farms Limited / Plentious Farms Limited for the leading role with growth from JoomlaDayOtun 2022 for the event as above. The next event "JoomlaDayOtun 2023 II" is expected to host a number of organizations in the public and private sector. JoomlaDayOtun 2023 II proposes to have companies / participants review their first and second quarter activities, deduce problems associated with growth and have attendees / tutors / joomlers with leading solutions discuss them. Besides leading experts in the industry playing a key role at the event, locals may be available to share known techniques or schemes besides known standards.  Registration is free.  

  • JoomlaDayAbuja2023 III

    Sat Dec 2 2023 13:00 UTC - Tue Dec 5 2023 18:00 UTC
     The event = JoomlaDayAbuja2023 III will be held in December, 2023 and may be the last JoomlaDay to be held in the Year. It is been planned in association with a Conference, Daydah Concepts is partnering with  which would also feature the technology - Joomla.  It is going to be in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere and would feature several activities to allow International guest who will be attending find growth and integrate easily into our existing community with Joomla: It is expected to feature: a Picnic Talks with Speakers from a number of organizations (a university, book company and city administration) Local and foreign JoomlaDayTeam members attending the Conference. Time out with FirstBank, Alex Otti and Pastor Kayode Arigbede, Liberty Chapel, SDA Church, Utako, Abuja Early Arrivals for the Conference have a contact base and community to work with. Venue: Oladapo Olusegun Adeniyi Gardens, Utako - Abuja   
  • JDAYUSA 2024

    Fri Apr 12 2024 21:00 UTC - Sun Apr 14 2024

    Save the weekend!  This will be a hybrid event.  The location will be posted shortly!