Accessibility: Making your websites more inclusive

Event Date: 24 May 2018

Rutgers Academic Building 15 Seminary Place · New Brunswick
15 Seminary Place
New Jersey
New Brunswick
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Laura Gordon

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5:00)
Event Description

In this presentation, we will go over the fundamental basics of accessibility and how it relates to web design and development. This includes learning about the users who are most greatly affected by inaccessible design, and the types of tools used by them in order to access information on the internet.

We will also go over basic fundamentals of web accessibility for those who design the templates, those who code the elements of the site, and those who generate the content.

About Christine Hickey:
Christine Hickey is the Web Accessibility Specialist for Rutgers University. While working with numerous IT and academic departments throughout multiple campuses, she trains and supports both staff and faculty in the fundamentals in web accessibility.

Her key task is to help the university as a whole make their web presence compliant with federal standards, but also aid in creating a community around the ideas of making digital information accessible to all members of the Rutgers community.

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