Joomla User Group London December Meeting

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Tue Dec 21 2021 19:00 UTC
Joomla! User Group London
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Phil Walton

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This month, our last JUGL of the year, sees us going out with a bang.

We host Marc Dechèvre (@woluweb) presenting his talk One Custom Field to rule them all: Build anything (like a carousel) with only 1 Custom Field

Joomla 3 came with an interesting Repeatable Custom Field (CF)  but it was rather limited as only simple fields like Text or Integers were allowed. #Joomla4 has completely revamped the concept of Custom Field of type "Repeatable", which is now called Custom Field of type "Subform". Now you can select any type of Custom Field within your "Subform", ie any native CF but also any 3rd party CF. This means for instance that you can even use videos (YouTube, Vimeo, ...), maps, related articles etc.  … Mind blown!

Then we have Dimitris Grammatiko (@dgrammatiko) presenting his talk Sweet child o'mine: a deep dive into child templates

This new feature for Joomla4.1 will allow people to override templates without the need to either clone the template or override core files.  This will mean they can take advantage of template updates but still make their own updates without issue.  This is particularly useful when #Cassiopeia gets such high Google Lighthouse scores out of the box, but you may like an extra module position for example.  


The evening will start at 19:00 UTC. That's 19:00 GMT for those in the UK.


The room will open at 19:00 UTC/GMT

19:00 - Introductions and chit-chat
19:10 - Marc Dechèvre - One custom field to rule them all
19:50 - Questions
20:00 - Dimitris Grammatiko - Sweet child O'mine
20:40 - Questions
20:50 - Phil Walton on Joomla News/Sponsors/Info
21:00 - Christmas Party!

Schedule times are in UTC/GMT.


Alternatively, ping us on Twitter @joomlalondon

Also, you are welcome to join the Joomla community on Glip here: then message Philip Walton from the search bar to get meeting details.

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Joomla! User Group London

United Kingdom
Philip Walton & Gary Barclay
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Joomla! Users Group London is open to all. * Whatever your experience of Joomla! you will get something from the meetings.

We regularly have talks by the members on aspects of site building and maintaining which matter to them.  We have a "clinic" where members can bring questions and seek answers. We also have a roundup of the best extensions that members have come across.

Online since 2019 we have a virtual pub at the end of the meeting to chill