Joomla NXT - Tools are not rules

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Tue Nov 29 2022 11:00 UTC
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Joomla NXT is a Virtual Event Series by Techjoomla to open up a new world of possibilities through Insightful sessions from thought leaders of Joomla. We aim to create a platform that connects Joomla Enthusiasts to share best practices, ideas and insights to build websites and powerful online applications with Joomla.

Joomla NXT November'22 (Virtual Event)

Topic: Joomla NXT - Tools are not rules
Speaker: Dimitris Grammatikogiannis, ex Joomla JS Group Lead
A review of the existing Joomla (developer) tools, how they contribute to the project's maintenance and how they could, potentially, attract new developers and thus help growing the userbase

Event Address Virtual Event via zoom (Live Streaming)
Date & Time: 29th November 2022 (Wednesday) 11:00am UTC | 4:30pm IST | 6:00am EDT

Visit: #JoomlaNXT #Joomla4 #Techjoomla