Joomla NXT - Conditional fields: How to

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Wed Sep 13 2023 17:30 UTC
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Joomla NXT is a Virtual Event Series by Techjoomla to open up a new world of possibilities through Insightful sessions from thought leaders of Joomla. We aim to create a platform that connects Joomla Enthusiasts to share best practices, ideas and insights to build websites and powerful online applications with Joomla.

Joomla NXT September'23 (Virtual Event)

Topic: Conditional fields: How to Speaker: Olivier Buisard, Web Designer and Consultant, SimplifyYourWeb

Using conditional fields has been a very developer centric feature and since Joomla 4.3, that notion is available for custom fields. The syntax to create conditional fields may be a bit complicated to some, and this session will help you better understand how this all works.

Event Address Virtual Event via zoom (Live Streaming)

Date & Time: 13th September 2023 (Wednesday) 12:00pm UTC | 5:30pm IST | 8:00am EDT


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