Summer Open Source Sprint - London

Event Date: 09 September 2017

1st Floor, 141-143 Shoreditch High Street
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Brian Teeman

Timezone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Event Description

Open Source sprints enable anyone working with Open Source software to collaborate with the community and help to improve it. This September we’re opening our studio for our first Open Source Sprint where the Drupal, WordPress and Joomla communities will join together to raise their skill levels, and help solve our common problems. Sprinting is a great way to collaborate, and to share new ideas and technologies across our communities. Therefore everyone is welcome, testers too! Don't be shy! By joining us you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge from your peers, whilst sharing your own, allowing everyone to help the thousands of people who will benefit from your contribution. A session will be run on Saturday morning to help new contributors understand how to collaborate with each project and set up all the tools needed to contribute.