We're thrilled to announce the recent addition of five passionate individuals to the Advisory Board of Open Source Matters. They each bring a unique blend of experience and expertise, rooted deeply in open source technologies, web design, web development, marketing, and law. We believe that their collective insights and leadership will substantially enrich our advisory board.

The newly appointed board members, in alphabetical order by first name, are:

  1. Ahmed Sobeh
  2. Maria Skampoura
  3. Parth Lawate
  4. Scott Jenson
  5. Sean Cottrell

I'm excited share a bit about each of our new advisory board members:

Ahmed, speaking at a conference and looking off-camera at the audience.Ahmed Sobeh serves as an Open Source Engineering Manager at Aiven's Open Source Program Office. As an Egyptian, his open source journey—spanning from WebAssembly at Mozilla to Rust at SAP—enriches our advisory board with a broad understanding of the open-source landscape and its potential for future development across the globe.


Maria Skampoura, with a wide smile looking directly at the cameraMaria Skampoura, an experienced web developer and marketer, has helped numerous businesses grow their digital presence using the Joomla CMS. Fluent in multiple languages, with board and leadership management experience, Maria's numerous skills will bolster our communication and connection across our community.


Parth LawateParth Lawate, a hands-on technologist and entrepreneur, has a long history with Joomla and open source technologies in general, having implemented them in both large enterprise and government sectors as well as SAAS products. His commitment to driving open-source contribution, adoption, and community engagement and his entrepreneurial experience with Tekdi Technologies and Techjoomla will bring a valuable perspective to our advisory board.


Scott Jenson, smiling directly at the cameraScott Jenson, a veteran of user interface design and strategic planning, brings a wealth of experience from giants like Apple and Google. Notably, he led Google's open-source Physical Web project and remains actively involved in open source UX consulting, making him a perfect fit for our advisory board.


A professional headshot of Sean CottrellSean Cottrell, as the CEO of LawInSport, has created a global platform for sports industry knowledge sharing, integrating technology, law, and business aspects. His contributions to law and technology as well as his participation in the Joomla community underlines his expertise in these fields and make him an asset to our advisory board.


Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Ahmed, Maria, Parth, Scott, and Sean. We are so excited for the support and innovation they will bring to Open Source Matters and the Joomla community!