On behalf of the Community Leadership Team, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Sandra Warren and Matt Lipscomb as our newest members.

Sandra has been instrumental in organizing a brand new team to help with the beta launch of People Site.  As co-admin, her efforts have helped steer our community into new territory here on joomla.org and she's done a tremendous job of it.  Sandra and her team are now hard at work getting the People Site ready for its upcoming Official Launch.

Matt currently works on various Community Workgroup teams including the Site Showcase, Support Forums, JCM and the JRD.  He does an outstanding job in all.  Some of Matt’s more recent contributions include a discussion with the community to find ways to make JRD inclusion easier and the Joomla! Weekly Challenge which encourages people to contribute in various ways to the project and global community.

We think Sandra and Matt will be excellent additions to our team and we thank them for taking on this added role to their current positions in the project.

Sandra, Matt... Welcome!