We are happy to announce that the election for the replacement for the Vice President has been completed.

The newly elected Officer will start his mandate immediately, given that the role is currently vacant.
The replacement for Vice President will end his term together with the other Board Members of the Group 1.

Vice President

Alexander Metzler

Alexander Metzler

Transparency Report

At Joomla! we care about transparency and openness, so we want to share further details about the Officers’ Election which closed yesterday.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who were nominated and all the people who supported this election process.

The Officer position up for election in Group 1 was Vice President.

  • Vice President: 6 nominations received, 3 accepted.

How it works

According to our Bylaws, Section 6.02 (E), voting for officers is done as follows:

  • All current Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) cast one (1) vote for each position open. Four (4) votes for each position open.
  • All the Department Coordinators and Team Leaders, under each Department cast one (1) vote for each position open.  The number of votes within each department are tallied and the winning candidate within the department vote becomes the vote for that department. Six (6) votes for each position open.
  • This results in 10 votes for each position open: 6 Departments and 4 Officers. But given that we had a vacancy for the Vice President role, overall available votes were 9.

For further information, please review our Bylaws:


The Results

This Election had 40 people with the right to vote (Team Leaders, Department Coordinators and Officers); 39 people voted, 1 abstained.

Election forms were automatically closed at 23.59 GMT on May 25, 2018.

A big thank you to the whole Joomla! Community for the participation!

A full summary of the voting results of this Officer election can be found below.

Vice President

 Alexander Metzler
 Elisa Foltyn
 Brian Teeman
Officers 3 / 3 0 / 3 0 / 3
Production X    
Legal & Finance TIE TIE TIE
Marketing & Communication X    
Events TIE   TIE
Programs X    
Operations  TIE   TIE



Thank you!