In Holland there’s a saying (“general wisdom”) that says "At home the plumber has a leaking tap". This is often true with a lot of professionals: they do their utmost for their clients but have too little time to do the same for themselves. So why would Joomla be an exception to that rule?

watertapEarlier this year (January 2012) Joomla 2.5 was released. We recommend to use the Joomla 2.5 for new sites, and migrate older versions to Joomla 2.5 if possible.  And I suppose that we now all use 2.5 for all our own and our clients' new websites...

Ehm... we just couldn't resist confirming the saying... :-)
So what about all the websites?

We would like to keep getting the latest software updates. And to be able to use the latest 3rd party extensions. Furthermore we’d like to enjoy the improved functionality & the improved back-end of Joomla 2.5. Therefore we would like to upgrade all our websites to Joomla 2.5. For a couple of our website we have already been testing the migration process locally.

To get all our Joomla sites on the latest releases, we've set-up a migration plan for the following websites:

Overview sites managed by CLT
  Migration by Planned Date Realization Date Sander July 2012  July 2012   October 2012   no migration necessary (phpBB3) Olaf September 2012 September 2012      


Overview sites managed by PLT
  Migration by Planned Date Realization Date   no migration necessary (static HTML)   already Joomla 2.5   no migration necessary (mediawiki)   Joomla 1.0 Chris No content.
Waiting for GSoC MediaWiki library to be completed
so help proxy component can be rewritten.   no migration necessary (GForge)   already Joomla 2.5


Overview sites managed by OSM
  Migration by Planned Date Realization Date   already Joomla 2.5   already Joomla 2.5 Jacques August 2012      


We’d try to keep you informed about the progress, and will update this overview with status updates.

By the way, what’s the status of your tap at home?

(photo by Sidiney Carlos Niclote, Brazil)