Open Source Matters (OSM) has, as one of its main responsibilities, the managing and protection of the Joomla!® trademarks.

OSM is looking for a new Trademark Team Manager.Joomla! logo

The Team Manager will be responsible for:

  • Managing the Trademark team's day-to-day activities
  • Adding new team members
  • Assigning of responsibilities and tasks
  • Reviewing and implementing new workflows
  • Managing the Helpdesk software
  • Creating systems for storing and retrieving records
  • Reporting to the OSM Board
  • Assisting with review of current Trademark rules and information
  • Assisting with updating of current assets (logos, badges, style guidelines)

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Good communication skills
  • Background in Trademark or Intellectual Property (IP) work, or some legal training
  • The ability to to lead and work well within a team
  • Can overcome language, gender and cultural barriers
  • Have some knowledge of the inner workings of the Joomla! Project

If you would like to nominate someone, or want to nominate yourself, please use the nomination form.

The deadline for submissions is Saturday, the 18th of January 2014 at midnight GMT.